The thing with time…

We all like to enter competitions in the hope of winning something. I’m no different, and found one that took my interest. The subject was turning back time within our own lives. So I wrote down the three wishes asked for in the potentially vain hope that I would be the happy winner of some prize I’m not even sure of, and when I did, I realised that I had been given something far greater than any instant material thing of doubtful worth. My wishes came from who knows where. I didn’t think of them really; it was more like they were whispered in my ear, and they were as follows:

Learn from the past   

Trust the present   

Be fearless of the future.

Time is not just about the past; it is our yesterday, our today and our tomorrow. I was reminded that life is to be learned from, because regrets are too late. The present will be gone in the blink of an eye, and yet, do we treasure the moment? More likely we are dreaming of the future. The problem is that it can take away the gift of the here and now. I don’t know the future and sometimes I want all the daydreams at once, but there is also the fear of the unknown; being afraid of something before it happens and probably won’t. So in writing those three wishes I smiled to know that the past is gone, the present should be one for daily thanks, and the future…well…I can wait to get there.  Life isn’t a competition because every morning we greet the day, it’s a gift to us all.


2 thoughts on “The thing with time…

  1. Very wise words from a truly talented writer, very thought provoking we all would like to be better than we are I know I do, I often think about where life is leading me from now on as I am into my almost twilight years and about what I have been given in past years, I feel very thankful for what God has given me !!

    1. Appreciate the comment. I once heard some wise words from an elderly lady, she said to my son: “life is sweet, no matter the age we are.” That’s true, even if life throws us lemons at times. Occasionally it seems to be one step forward and two steps back, but there’s a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for following.

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