Liberty Rises

Countries apart, leagues distant, I saw a man fall from the heavens in a desperate bid at life. Like countless countrymen, the world watched the fall of the twin towers in a heinous act of terrorism. Yet I wonder if those responsible could ever have realised that in an attempt to crumble the heart of a nation, instead they achieved the opposite. For the lives lost and families crushed by the suicide planes that swept over a nation, the free world cried, and then we looked terrorism boldy in the face and with contempt. The powers that would try and stamp out liberty and freedom, merely gave the United States and her allies a tough resolve. The flag of democracy is one of freedom; the God given right of every man, and the fall of the twin towers was an assault on us all. Remembering September 11 is not a celibration of mourning, but is instead a reminder of what we stand for.

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to GImageod.” Thomas Jefferson spoke those words, and they ring as true today as they did then, because there is nothing good, nothing Godly in tyranny; and there is certainly nothing just.


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