The Race Is On

I’ve never been a good runner. I’ve never even been a passable one. At school carnivals it didn’t matter how fast I tried to make those legs work, I always ended pretty much last. Perhaps that’s why I choose to jog. Now, I’m not saying I’m going to enter any marathons – even now I would probably be a little disheartened at bringing up the rear – but I know now that it doesn’t mater if we choose to run, walk or crawl; as long as we’re still moving.

I began to exercise “seriously” a  little over a month ago. Before that I would merely have a brisk daily walk. Since then I have put in a two kilometre jog and a set of fifteen minute resistance exercises into my daily routine. It irritates me that results appear to be slow in making themselves apparent. Perhaps, I tell myself, it’s because my forty six year old body has a lot of catching up to do. After all, we are told, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  But even though I continue on, determined to try and add lean muscle where young taught flesh somehow left the picture without my consent, I do know one thing: I’m running the race.

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated when that cellultie bids me good morning from the mirrored robe, but if I look a little closer – and believe me, I do this every day – I think that I can already see an improvement in my physical body. I do know that I’ve become stronger, that I can stride out longer and further, and that with this determination has come something quite surprising, and it is this: While I have been resolved to build my physique, my spirit has grown abs in the process. Because even though the sweat is running down into my eyes and my thighs are burning after the reps, I show myself each day what I am capable of, and there is something very uplifting in that.

My five children can attest to the fact that I have always told them: “It’s not whether you win the race; it’s that you entered it in the first place.” Each of us is in the race of our lives. It’s not about coming first or last. It’s how we run it that counts. I tweeted a quote that I found by actress and sex symbol of the silver screen Mae West. She said,

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”



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