A Brave Heart


Sometimes our steps are so small, we aren’t always aware that we’ve made them. Other times, we take such big leaps that we seem to be galloping into an abyss, and we don’t know whether we’ve make the right choice, or if we’re about to fall off the horse. It’s not always immediately apparent whether our move has been the best. Still, it’s not neccessarily our decision, but how we work it that counts.

Life is a journey we take alone, no matter who is around us.  In spite of how many seem to be able to ride with us on the saddle, at destination’s end, we stand alone. Regardless of our baggage, it’s a matter of which saddle bags we should carry, and which to leave alone. Living occasionally means throwing caution to the winds, because sometimes a leap of faith is worth the effort.

William Wallace, national hero of Scotland once said, “Every man dies; not every man really lives.” That’s something to inspire us all.


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