A puff of air

We are all in the same big boat, Jo-anne. At day’s end, we realise they’re superfluous worries that take our mind off what’s really important. Enjoy your Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

Jo-Anne Berthelsen's Blog

Jo 12Don’t tell anyone—but I have a strong suspicion I might be getting a little … well … ahem … old! This Christmas, as I have listened to parents talking about the plethora of end-of-year events they have had to take their children to and how busy they are in the lead-up to Christmas, I have felt tired even hearing about it all, let alone doing it!

I wonder how busy your own lead-up to Christmas has been. For us right now, it is nowhere near as hectic as it was in past years—particularly those years when our own children needed to be at all sorts of end-of-year celebrations. Yet, for some odd reason, I still find myself just that bit too stressed as Christmas approaches. And, however much I am determined not to, I can so easily begin to forget what we are supposed to be celebrating in this…

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